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Extraordinary Experience

Sente Founders

The Empowerment Problem

As products improve almost daily, people appear to accomplish more over time, without having to actually change and grow in the process. This creates an illusion of personal progress when in fact we may be moving backward in terms of real empowerment— becoming less capable than were our forebearers, relative to what it possible.  


Sente holds that the most important product of any society is a succeeding generation of ever-greater individuals, and that we must always focus more attention on human growth and development than on the physical things and organizational systems we make.  


Like Dr. Frankenstein, our creativity will tend to challenge us and may destroy us.  It is important to improve ourselves so that we can face the unintended consequences of our own creative output. 


The Senté Center, Inc. is an archive, an innovative private practice, and a training/consulting facility established in 1992 in the USA and New Zealand. Sente informs, equips, trains, and inspires people engaged in hard-data-oriented exploration of  widely encountered phenomena that fall under the generalized heading extraordinary experience.  


The Center is dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and organizations strive for  greatness, extraordinary relationships, mastery of attention, heightened capacity for planning and choice, heightened grace in voice and movement, and an enhanced personal effectiveness and resiliance that has been termed; energetic empowerment.  By fostering these qualities the Center is contributing to the creation of an ever-healthier and more compassionate society, better able to meet the race's many pressing challenges.


More fundamentally, Sente aims to enable modern, nondogmatic experiences of mysterium tremendum, while avoiding, as much as possible, the frequently encountered pitfalls associated with stereotypical exploration of extraordinary experience. These include such side effects as fantacism, increased narcisism, superstition, isolation, loss of presence and critical rigor, and the general reduction of success in meeting the demands of ordinary daily life.


A New Map of Human Wellness and Power

Sente expands the prevailing mind-body-spirit map of wellness into a mind-body-energy-spirit model, envisioning a nonordinary component to reality and using the catch-all term, energy to portrary it. The effects of energy are typically acknowledged in our culture haphazarldly,and under various, often Medievalist or fantacist interpretations; i.e. as supernatural, religious, occult, magic, demonic, or spiritualist/psychic events. Despite the fact that many, if not most, popular reports of extraordinary phenomena may lack rigor, nonordinary field interactions under the broad term energy are widely accepted both scientifically and by the general population in the form of processes such as accupuncture, Chinese medicine, the much-studied abilities of Indian mystics, and the capacity of martial artists to exert measurable and repeatable influence over selected physical phenomena. The additional extra-physical forces/fields being productively engaged withn Sente are neither supernatural nor religious elements, and in practical terms they resemble, and might be considered adjunct to, the four field interactions recognized by modern physics: gravity, electromagnetism, and the weak and strong nuclear forces. 


Because of this orientation, Sente's services are well suited to the mindsets of people in science and technology, health care and academic-minded professions, as well as serious individuals with less scientific backgrounds who find themselves ready to explore the human condition more deeply. 


Sente is unique in several weys:

First, it is one of the few detailed explorations of extra-physical field interactions that is not aimed primarily at healing arts or the marital arts.  Instead, its focus is on the pursuit of significant performance advantages in a broad range of activities, and to give rise to substantially greater, more extraordinary lives. 


Second, Sente is remarkable for its extremely detailed and practical description of these force/field Interactions— it is possibly the most extensive, rigorous and effective system for exploring extraordinary experience, and its available benefits, to have yet been developed.


Third, Sente has a unique, high-tech business model that allows for amazingly flexible access to its vast body of work.  It is the most sophisticated system of its kind in a company of its size.  

The secret of its effectiveness is SenteTV.  Each week, SenteTV presents intricately produced lectures, classes, and workshops online, reaching participants all around the world. Programs include prerecorded videos followed by telephone afterchats in which attendees can interact directly with presenters. Members can watch reruns of each broadcast until the next episode in the series becomes available. Sente also offers booksaudio recordings, and other materials supporting its mission.





Sente's Promise

Sente's practices and exercises significantly improve the accessibility and "presence" of human beings, and enhances the capacity make conscious choice about states of being. The general consequences of these changes are: vastly increased intimacy, more power for genuine self-expression, more success in serious endeavors, a greater ability to contribute to the lives of others, and less unnecessary pain, suffering, and tension across a lifetime.  




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