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“The experience of Sente and Paul has been different than I ever could have expected. Unforgettable, extraordinary... and it has touched me at every level. 

I can't compare it to any other type of experience or extraordinary individual's claim to fame. The entire experience has become extremely personal and private like witnessing a miracle... seeing that you are moving along side of a comet and that all of this might just be a fleeting moment, never to be repeated. All I can say personally is that I will never forget.  I am grateful... and make every effort to remember all I can. Then I let go because it is so big. 

SB Publisher, OR



“As 2014 draws to a close, I am feeling uniquely equipped to step over the threshold into the New Year.  Sente has been a source of tremendous stability for me. I am so grateful for it. I am happy to report that overall I am experiencing more internal ease than any time in memory!  I am more un-entangled and free, and yet relational.  I am experiencing myself with so much more simplicity and groundedness and containment.  It is a pleasure! 

SK  Dallas,TX



“Sente to me is deep study of not only the sentient nature of humans but the amazing capacity to deepen our connection to the self, friends, co-workers, and community members.  It encourages me to take the time and decorate your life, your language, and your wife with the beauty of life.  As my Navajo relatives end each prayer, "Walk in Beauty", that's what it is about to me.” 

AM Landscape Designer, OR



“Paul, and his wife Patty, are Masters of applied energetics, both individually and in their relationship.  They embody the ordinary and extraordinary dimensions of life partnership, and express the highest levels of functionality, creativity and beauty.  It is an honor to be a student of Sente which is a profound path of personal empowerment in service to powerful goodness.” 

KT Therapist, Oregon 



“I have been thinking so much about Senté, and the amazing gift the two of you are offering us. I'm attaching a letter I wrote that attempts to express how our work and time with you is changing, enlivening, and inspiring our lives. We're having so much fun with the material we've taken in so far!” 

RS Arcata, CA.



“So glad to have stumbled into this world! You have given me the most honest, detailed map of perception and consciousness I have ever seen. It’s like putting on 3-D glasses. Thank you!”

SH, Oklahoma



“I am always inspired and challenged by you and Sentè as I write my newsletter, to really make that matter, and to be more artful in how I write. It's helping me find a voice that reaches people in a very different way than I used to when I just focused on productivity.”

BB Blue Lake, CA.



“This is the most innovative, practical approach to embracing Energy in daily life I’ve ever seen. I have been using many of your concepts with my graduate students and therapy clients. I am observing an extraordinary shift.” 

DF Ph.D. Kent, WA



“I cannot express to you how invaluable your support has been to me over the past year.  You are so amazing in your skills, knowings, sharings, compassion and ability to express yourselves.   You have both changed me is so many ways.  AND your role as models both individually and as a couple is beyond essential to me.” 

MA, New York 



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“I am not sure when I will be ready to say much of anything about Sunday's program.  Vast.  You addressed so many of my deep questions and concerns in that presentation, plus questions I could not even know to ask, and there was such an overwhelming display of the non-ordinary.   I want to stay quiet and awash with it, let it sink in.  Magnificence is the word.”

SK Acupuncturist, OR



“Your classes continually invigorate me, and I'm left with the sense that I could spend years on the subject inside each one. The topic of pressure is fascinating to me. It offers a view of life that is largely unencumbered by story and the psychology. The application of pressure to the stance of men is especially intriguing because of the immediacy with which I can be aware of the patterns I'm exhibiting, and the patterns in the wild. Best and warmest to you, Paul, and the Sente crew (special shout out to Christa's wizardry dealing with the camera amidst the tech snafu... amazingly graceful)"

BG  architect student, Portland, OR



"Hi Patty, I watched all 3 hours of the December class, and it was amazing.  There was so much there that helps, and I wish I would have had that internalized my first year of marriage. I love all your classes and Paul's!  They are like 3 hours of gold.  Someday I want to know how I can access these classes for my children as they get much is lacking in preparation for adulthood. There should be a year of High School just in Sente classes. Thanks I appreciate you both so much!! "

JY  Goshen, IN.



“I am someone who has done a lot of growth 'work' - from Transcendental Meditation to EST to every other workshop and seminar imaginable in the 70s and 80s. However, this body of work from you and Paul is far and away the most directly impactful, meaningful, powerful and life-changing content/context I have ever been exposed to. There are not words adequate to express my gratitude for the gifts you've given me. Your courage to give voice to this powerful work, your commitment to sending this work out into the world (and thus reaching me) has given me strength and wings at a time when I was 'grounded'. Your book, your classes and the taped conversations with Paul (I've searched the internet for every article, video or taped recording of you both that I could find) opened a world for me and gave me 'life-off' from the ground I was trapped on. Some wise people have said if at the 'end of the day' we can know we've changed at least one person's life for the better then we can know our energy was well spent. I'm here to tell you I am that one person and your gift, your exhale, your work has indeed changed my life. Truly.” 

CP  Lyme, New Hampshire



"Thank you for this, and again for everything. I've been watching and re-watching the last broadcast and the afterchat (the afterchat... oh); both have been both wonderfully affirming and, for me, a gift when it comes to languaging certain experiences." 

SVD Boulder, CO



“I can highly recommend your ELL class.  It has helped me become more centered, creative, and have better relationship skills.  You have given me an enhanced view of how energetics operate in the world and how I can use that information to make my own personal world a more inviting place. I have found you very willing to share your expertise and skill to help me progress in creating a more fulfilling life for myself. Patty, thanks again for all that you do for me and many others.  I really appreciate it.” 

PR Administrator Pacific, WA.



“I thought it was one of the best classes ever, Patty. I've looked at my notes more than once today and I want to watch the video again. I think my brain is still expanding from last night- whew!”

RS Arcata, CA.



Very enjoyable, of course! Thanks for your presence, promise, and as always, fulfillment! You did an especially good job weaving the experimentation with Q&A and engaging everyone, and giving depth and insight to the lectures. I look forward to watching in full."   

JW, Environmental Scientist, WA



“Patty's classes are phenomenal and stunning, but what you really need to know is my life has been completely redirected by the non-ordinary perception she has taught me. I have become a deeper, more centered, and present person than before Sente. As Patty puts it, Sente is an "intentionally designed doorway to change".  Patty has a genius for taking sophisticated material and articulating it in way that beginners can immediately grasp and internalize. I can sincerely recommend you try the class, it may turn out to be (as it is for me) one of the best decisions you will ever make.” 

MR  Oregon



“This class transported me to a place that was new to me, priceless. It really opened my eyes and delivered a spaciousness to my experience. Not a thinking thing, but an experience of getting it in my bones. At school on Friday I was compelled to look beneath what was being pointed to, and I saw so much more in both my students and colleagues. This has been true in the days and hours since. It is like having my experience move from black and white to Technicolor. You offered an invitation to accept that there is more to see, so much more, and I have experienced an immense relaxation into that. It really has reoriented my words, where I look, made me examine what I direct others to see about me, and resulted in an immensely shifted state of being. Ultimately it moved Seeing from a concept to a reality. It is exciting to know that there is so much more to see than I was willing to admit. A major layer of denial was stripped in this experience.  Thank you for continuing to share this precious experience that you have been gifted with. It changes me.” 

JR Teacher Eagle Point, OR.



“You know if I were wearing socks they would have blown off my feet shot straight through the ceiling of Studio Z and at a burning speed would have crossed the great ocean and landed as a smoldering lump of coal right out in the front yard of the New Zealand house you and Paul were filming from today. Wow !  …this has now really, really opened up the box ! It was a spectacular broadcast just to say the least. Great work, Patty and Paul!”   

NH Talent, OR.



“Our last class with Patty was about single intent, archetype, and issue challenge. It was very powerful and touched me at a very core level. Great timing for a deeper look into these areas. I'm so grateful for both you and Patty in my life! You are both so inspiring!! Thank you!!!”

RB Ashland, OR.



"Thank you for TES and IM classes this week, and also for the March TES which is still boiling in me.  And for this opportunity to learn, standing at the portal where all this information is pouring through ... it is breathtaking.  Thank you."

SK Oregon



“Hi Patty,

Thank you for a very lovely, clear and informative class spiced with humor and your indelible presence!”  

AH Ashland, OR. 



"I am aware of the super effort you made to bring us the video for ELL broadcast last night.  Wow, you really are an amazing person.  The way you live your life with total engagement and fearless abandon to the great, and to every detail along the path is an inspiration to witness, time and again.  Good Job and thank you, from someone who revels in being engaged on this path of empowerment, creativity and awakened motion."

KR Therapist, OR



“Hi Patty! That was a fantastic ELL class yesterday; I am so glad I got to be there. We loved the video. My boyfriend I were really happy we got to learn directly through the demos you had us do to apply what you were explaining. 

Even when you improvise in class, moving with what comes up, your expression as it comes out in the moment comes out organized, in a way that seems to have a built-in structure more powerful and complex than anything that could be planned out ahead of time. 

I am feeling very grateful for you and for Sente!”

S.W.  Ashland, OR.



"I just want to say to you, Paul, that Patty is a beautiful bridge to the path you have established. You and she never go un-noticed in my eyes. I'm grateful for the massive effort you put out, and the collaborated gift that the two of you have offered year after year, despite the hurdles. Tonight's ELL class was moving, and I'm honored to be on this path."

NH  Los Angeles, CA



"I was captivated by the broadcast this last Sunday and am so grateful to have joined up. I feel like I have been captured by Sentè and what you and Patty are offering. I've never been, or allowed myself to really be captured by anything before, so this is a new experience for me and I'm delighting in it."

BB Businesswoman, CA



“The last two ELL classes have been particularly moving for me. I appreciate your poise and tact in relaying challenging material to us, and especially wish to mark your elegance and sound direction yesterday urging us toward using language patterns that people can more clearly translate and understand to allow for better communication between each other. I was delighted in sharing the hot seat with my girlfriend during class and am glad that you could use us to help demonstrate some of the concepts in the course material.  I think that the specific changes that I found most impactful from last month’s ELL class may be worth noting as well. Since seeing the notion of relationship models articulated, I have noticed many of my models changing, some being superfluous. So impactful. I am very changed by your course material, what you bring to us through the potency of your attention and presence, and your class in general. I loved the class yesterday and appreciate you as you bring this information to us. Thanks, Patty!”

WN Ashland, OR 



“Paul, thank you for creating such a powerful and moving session with those among us who have been there from the beginning, There was a strong flow of beauty and power from that front bench and from so many of those who spoke----which I am sure moved many of the newer people and invited them into an appreciation of your legacy. Patty as always was a star."

AM Attorney, OR



"Thank you, Paul! I have seen it with my own eyes, there is no cruise control fitted to your rig.  The bar you bring into this realm is high, and I am also in awe of Patty knowing the level of difficulty this path sets before it, and her joining you in full."

NH, Motion Picture Industry, CA



"Last night’s UWA class was terrific. I personally came away with “confidence” as the central thing I learned. Confidence in relationship. Important for me because it ties in with the confidence in business I’m developing this year, as well as confidence in voice. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have you in my life, and to be in yours." 

CB Editor



“The experience of ELL and the other classes has been for me like a wind I watch expand and swirl and my soul soars with it. For me, it’s like learning magic.  But it’s not some extraneous technique, this magic, it’s who we are. It’s a part of us we have turned our faces from for mysterious reasons. So it’s felt like "welcoming back our magic".  And darn it’s beautiful! It feels like a joyous arena of art, created with intent, power and grace. When I had no tools for connecting with this non-ordinary part of the world I felt lost, disconnected and starved.   More than I ever knew consciously.  So it feels like a way home.  For me, it’s most of all about creating great connections with some people and experiencing the beauty of this life together. 


In more concrete terms, through my work with you and Paul, I find myself contending with much less inner negativity and judgment, but having much more discernment - I am enjoying more in the different presences in my environment and interacting with them in more satisfying ways. My work environment has become more harmonious.  My relationships with friends have become more passionate.  The world has become more delightful.  My intuition is stronger, my connection to wisdom is more flowing, and I am learning much more about the art of intimacy.  I feel much greater sense of the possibility of great men as well as great women. I am grateful in a way I cannot yet express to both you and Paul.  Your gifts are so life expanding.  Much love and honor to you.”

GN  Economist  



"That was such an amazing class Patty! Thank you so much! I was blown away by what you said and how you said it and what an impact it had on me and probably everyone else, and what a wonderful zone you created that we all got to bask in for a few hours tonight. Very grateful,"

SR Accountant, OR



“It was a fascinating class which covered tremendous territory.“

JC Aspen, CO



“The UWA class today was AMAZING.  The realizations and shifts in this Work - they can happen so quickly.  I've never experienced anything like it.  (Here you must picture me with hair standing on end, mouth fallen open and glasses askew!)”

GN  Australia



"Being in Sente is like being in a real-life Harry Potter school, only much more exciting." 

SW Ashland, OR



“Patty's work in ELL shined a guiding light in my compassion and perception of the unique dynamic nature of women.  I can only strive to meet the women dear to me with such understanding, care and support.” 

AM Landscape Designer, OR 



“I'm so grateful to have come across you and Paul.  My mind is so full of questions and ideas as a result of yesterday’s class.  I'm very excited.” 

JL San Francisco, CA



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"Paul's Infinite Moment classes are always fascinating, challenging, and fun. Paul brings a way of looking at and interpreting common motions that is utterly unique. He helps us experience the extraordinary power possible within such mundane actions as walking, throwing a ball, shaking hands, and speaking. As a black belt in Shotokan Karate, I have found that Paul's classes make me aware of levels of mastery and nuance of movement and energetics that I didn't realize were possible. Infinite Moment shows us how to live more fully, with greater embodiment and energetic empowerment." 

RS  Ashland, OR



“I have participated in Paul Richard's Infinite Moment practice, both in person and on line, for the last 2 years.   The teachings in the classroom experientially expand my awareness of energetics in the moment, and strengthen my sense of personal empowerment. Infinite Moment practices offer practical tools that support the ability to stay home in the Center of our own experience while playing in relational fields of connection with others.  These practices are life enhancing, life expanding, supportive, and fun!” 

KT Therapist, OR



"Tuesday’s Infinite Moment was experientially one of the best ever, in my view. The relationships among stillness and motion and the physical, imaginary, and nonordinary realms -- and the foundational concept of Infinite Moment -- have never been more clear."

CB Editor, OR



"What fun in IM! We are so lucky! It really helps too to have everything tied to the context of those three guiding principles. Thank you for helping us change a little bit each week!"

SW Accountant, OR



“My biggest aha! moments during Infinite Moment have come from seeing in others and sensing in myself how powerful it is to incorporate the elements Paul points at that dramatically shift the way we move.  The layers of awareness that are taught in this training produce remarkable changes in our presence and how we walk in the world and engage with the world when we move.  We are more grounded, fluid, empowered, and responsive to the environment around us, to name a few. It’s a dazzling thing to behold.”

AD Artist, Ashland, OR.



"An infinite thank you for an especially meaningful, practical, inspiring, expanding, wonderful, deeply activating while subtle in onset movement, satisfying, fulfilling, encouraging INFINITE MOMENT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Y'all are something else! Truly! I would so enjoy being able to fully 3D hologram you into so many others' lives as individuals and as an extraordinary couple. So much respect for you both and honoring your lives, sending you the magic of the mountain, the bliss of the calm sea and the delight in the symphony of jungle birds awakening to a fresh new morning, 

JL Special Ed teacher, CA.



“I want to thank you again for all of the elements of this experience you are making possible.  Tonight in class you were both teaching me what I have wanted/needed my whole life - this experience of centering, which is beginning to make some cameo appearances in my waking life these last few months (thanks to you).  Big habit change to work on.  It is absolutely unprecedented and amazing to have moments of this!!  I know people come to you for all sorts of fancy things, like 'seeing', but I tell you... just to walk the earth in that way  - and truly, it must also benefit the environment just to do that one thing I am SURE - is in a way the fulfillment of a lifetime.  Not to mention, the relief of a lifetime.  

SK Acupuncturist 



"I want to thank you for both the Infinite Moment class and the amazing weekend.  It is obvious how much thought and time you put into each, and I wanted to let you know that they both have touched me deeply. Today was the first time I have ever stretched with my center connected to the earth. Even the brief exercises we did today make me realize viscerally how utterly and amazingly different everything can be with an awareness of energy and intent.  I am so looking forward to experiencing more of the class and more of my life.

JH Counselor, OR



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“Patty, our work with you has been life changing – earth shattering…Sex and intimacy are now a vital, healthy, and delightful aspect of our relationship. I marvel at how fun and easy it has been. I swear it was like flipping a switch - it seemed to literally happen overnight.  My husband and I are having more fun than I ever imagined possible. There is passion and excitement in our relationship that I only thought happened in new relationships, or in “dangerous” encounters. The beauty is that it is happening within our safe, deep and loving relationship. It is for me, simply amazing. I think connecting with our two bodies made it easier to connect with each other, and that got us started. Playing with gender essence, body illuminations throughout the day…and having my husband notice, improving the quality of attention we give each other, giving gender messages, and opening up the space for communication and exploration are all contributing to our expanding possibilities. 


It feels like our world has opened up and expanded overnight in a way that feels like coming home. We are moving from a great relationship to an extraordinary relationship, and we stand in awe of the possibilities of what’s to come. Thank you both for illuminating the way for us.”

With love and gratitude,

BB California



“I love not being a shy girl anymore. Thanks for your huge role in helping me shed that to be an ever more interesting creature.” 

BF California



“I have the Wild Attraction book in print and it was the first thing I downloaded when I recently got my first Kindle! I think it is a wonderful book and my sense is that the work you are articulating is some of the finest and most intelligent to be found anywhere at the moment.” 

GR  London, England



“Well, I just finished your book (when I emailed the other day I was not yet finished reading it)...and all I can say from the bottom of my heart is: thank you. Gratitude profound sent from me to you with a humble bow and hands pressed together before me. All my adult life I knew there was more possible but without a map how is one to find one's way? Here you have boldly and selflessly provided a map and a candle and a compass and even much needed 'water' (aka: hope) for my journey. Your book is a gift which has changed the eyes I was using and for this I will always be grateful to you for guiding me to it. Your book has underscored this message for me: What is inside me IS indeed stronger than what is in my way, and if I will walk the walk and dance the dance and stay brave even through the scary bits then extraordinary relationship is real and possible.  My most sincere and humble thanks to you both. Truly.”  

CP New Hampshire



“I listened for the first time to UWA May this morning.  I stayed longer in bed, even though I knew I had to get ready for work.  Again, it was So Beautiful. But what I wanted to tell you both, for the hundredth time, is when I sat and listened to Paul's reveal, I felt I was being drawn home.  Both of you just pull me back to a centre every time.  It’s something miraculous.  I feel deeply, deeply honored to be in your company.” 

GS  New Zealand



“I cannot tell you how much your classes and your book have impacted my life and I am telling everyone who will listen about your book. This is a book that could heal the world of male/female relationships!” 

JP Boston, MA 



“Your book has given me the validation I needed to be able to trust that Knowing, and to be able to say "no" to anything -- in me or in him -- that isn't Aware.  I don't have to wait or hope or be hurt or drained, any more.  I'm never again going to let myself be pressured, whined, or tantrumed into saying "yes" to something that I Know doesn't work. The healing of a lifetime, coming to fruition.  Thank you, so much, for your and Paul's work that has pushed me over that "edge" back into my Self.” 

VK Portland, OR.



“I find it amazing how differently I perceive the Wild Attraction work as I journey closer towards candidacy. The differences are distinctly tangible between even a year ago and now. That's probably why I re-read the book at least once a year. :)

 Thanks again for all that you do”. 

CC Auburn, CA



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"That session was fantastic, just the support and focus I need."  

CB Editor, OR



"Thanks so much for putting the best border on 2014 that we could imagine. We will download this and listen again this weekend. It was incomparably rich and meaningful beyond what we even perceive today. "

RB  Manager, CA



“Paul Richards is without a doubt the single most important and influential coach I have had the great fortune to work with. I trained in opera at the Manhattan School of Music as well as at the Juilliard School. Throughout my training I worked with the best opera coaches in the world. Paul Richards offers a level of mastery and insight that is unparalleled. His work crosses over into seemingly unattainable, elusive realms of self-mastery and potential. Yet with Paul as a guide these realms are experienced and accessed. Paul has an uncanny ability to sense how far one can go in any given moment or opportunity, beyond what one may feel themselves is possible. For example he is able to push me farther in one session than years spent working with others did not achieve. He is a deceptively challenging coach, though, as he pushes with the utmost grace and respect. In my opinion this trait is one of the most important. I trust Paul implicitly with my creative voice. His attention is a precious gift that has been a miracle in my life. Paul is demanding, inspiring but most importantly fun! I am infinitely blessed to call him a mentor and friend.” 

CM  Professional Singer, OR.



“Bar none, Paul Richards is the most powerful person I have ever met, and one of the healthiest. He is a very big creature… I have watched Paul bring a dear friend back from the brink of self-destruction to physical and psychological health. He has created powerful changes in my life that have moved me from a dysfunctional relationship with my partner to a healthy one. 

AVB  Physician’s Assistant, Seattle 



“I am continually in awe of how simple and yet profound Paul's reflection on manhood has helped shaped my life.  The Southern Gentleman I was raised to be was so pleased to meet another man that really understood the powerful role of man in front of, alongside, and ever so importantly behind the women of our world.  Forever grateful, Paul”. 

AM Ashland, OR



“Hi Paul! I was on the phone with another student and we were both talking about how blown away and grateful we were for our sessions with you today. We were comparing notes in a state of wonder that someone exists who can do what you do, that we are in contact with and have access to your insights and articulation, and how radically our lives open up as a result. We both feel at the center of Sente is love. You talked me off a cliff today and gave me a great hang glider and I feel re-energized and ready to go back into the fray.  I'm pretty sure you are the only person I know who could have done that. I'm not so much saying thank you as I am saying thank you is so inadequate that I don't really have words. But whatever those words are, I would say them if I had them…”

SR Ashland, OR



"I continue to bask in the glow of another remarkable session, and am practicing my new mantra with my boss. The whole concept about archetypes was remarkable to me, and I know it will change me in profound ways over time. Thanks for sending the recording, and thanks most of all for the incredibly helpful, life-changing session!"

RS, Screenwriter and Author, OR



"To say the work with you was profound feels like using an overused word to describe something that I cannot (yet) truly understand enough to describe.   What I do know is that I don’t feel like the “me” that – just three weeks ago – I knew myself to be.   This is a good thing and, simultaneously, a disorienting experience. As I said on the phone, I would like to find a way to participate further with you."

DG Executive, WA



"My session with you has helped me energetically and has helped me gain some additional insights about myself.  Thanks for your help."

PT Military Officer, TX



"We had a wonderful appointment last December. Many things have kept me busy since that day, but it was important for me to take time to write to you. I received your recording and finally took time to re-listen to your warm voice and hear again all the precious things you told me.  I have the deep desire to share with you my gratitude for this important moment, for your generosity and the quality of your attention during the time that you spent with me. What you said during the reading makes so much sense for me, and I find it especially precious and useful at this particular time in my life. I am deeply moved when I re-listen to our conversation. Thank you for everything." 

ND Physician, MD



“I experienced our call as quite remarkable, and not simply because of your capacity to see a person’s essence.  Being seen in that way inspires me to live into that essence.  That inspiration is a true gift.”

RC  Certified Life Coach, WA.



“I feel at a total loss of language and inadequate in how to respond to our session. It was just a yes. A complete and total yes. I deeply needed what you were able to give and see, and I will listen to this one over and over. It was and continues to be a link to a missing piece.” 

JP Neurobiologist, MA



My session with Paul on my birthday was poetry - poetically beautiful timing.   I can’t wait to get the CD recording and go over the session and enjoy every detail.” 

NG Australia



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"Thank you once again Patty for your follow through. I am grateful that you share your gifts with others and that I was a recipient and felt seen."  

LA, Coach/Trainer, NV



“Patty is a positive pro-active engaging force.  At the same time she is extraordinary, she is feet on the ground practical.  Her attention pointed in your direction will marshal change, and collect any ally or friend in the environment that can help make it happen.  Not reluctant to say the hard or unseen thing, or to push when needed, her caring is obvious and warmly delivered.  She will get you to a new possibility quickly.  Her love of engagement is her hallmark.” 

SP Nurse Practitioner, OR    



“I had my first experience with Patty Richards in 1999 in a reading session gifted from a friend.  It forever changed my life.  I am profoundly grateful to Patty and Paul Richards and other Sente' practitioners and the Sente community.  I went from a world of gray darkness in many years of depression into a world of beautiful, vibrant colors.  From the school to the ELL online course, Patty has enriched my life by introducing me to profound material. It is always presented in a high level manner.  She invites her audience into a vivid world by utilizing extraordinary and creative visual and audio tools, and sharing powerful energetic tools.  I highly recommend her class and her sessions. They help me stay grounded in an often busy, and sometimes chaotic world. Not only does Patty teach, but she inspires me by her presence and fluidity.  The material she presents is very useful in everyday life, and her style is warm and supportive. I have noticed my communication skills are more effective and the entire way I look and experience life is subtly transforming.” 

SM Fairview,OR



“Patty is an outstanding educator. I have been a professor at the University of Southern California, and I have experienced many kinds of presentation styles and skill levels.  Patty has an amazing ability to convey information in an interesting and useful way.  She uses a range of techniques, from experiential exercises and lectures to videos and group discussions, to convey her material.  She is always well prepared and extremely professional.


Patty has a wide range of experiences that she brings to her teaching.  Her experience in the medical field has taught her about human behavior in very unique and high pressure settings.  Her private work with coaching clients brings another layer of understanding of human dynamics and problem solving.  She enjoys challenging herself and others to make changes in self-perception and in actions—to try something new just because it is possible.


Patty is a master of personal interaction dynamics. She is an expert in understanding personal power and how individuals relate to their worlds as well as in understanding how people interact in relationship to others.  In addition to understanding many theoretical perspectives of personal dynamics, Patty teaches a unique perspective of energetics.” 

JGH  Oregon



“Patty Richards is a brilliantly gifted teacher. 

1) The conceptual material and behavioral skill sets Patty teaches are amongst the top one percent of all information, knowledge and behavior competencies available to anyone on the planet. 2) The value and relevance of what Patty brings to her students is incalculable. Her offerings are one of but a small aggregate of imperative understandings and behavioral skills for fostering lives that work, and work well, now, in our future, and for our progeny. 3) Research has revealed that students learn from teachers they like. Patty is irrepressibly likable. You will learn from her. 4) Patty translates the abstract into concrete concepts that you and I can grasp and apprehend. More importantly, Patty translates these things into behavioral practices that her students experience and physically calibrate in their bodies. 5) Patty’s students are changed in her presence, attention and by her teaching. 


I have had many teachers in my life. There are but a tiny minority of truly gifted teachers. Patty is one. I continue to be changed in my working with her. Patty has my commendation and appreciation. I wholeheartedly recommend Patty and her work.”

Stephen Victor, Trainer/Facilitator  USA/Europe



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“I am so grateful that a couple I know invited me to participate in the Eyes of a Seer audio course with them! We have found it so enjoyable and enriching that we decided to listen to the course again and have found it even more astonishing in its wisdom and depth the second time around. I think it delivers the most profound and subtle exploration of human relationships and the dynamics of personal power that I have ever encountered--beyond any other experience, educational or therapeutic. Many clients and friends of mine have commented about the change in my demeanor and have expressed great delight at my happiness and success.  


I have been able to attract new clients and I am exploring new channels of creative expression.  I feel simultaneously exuberant and well-grounded.On a continuing basis, the course enriches and transforms how I relate to others every day,whether family member, intimate friend or a passing stranger.  I feel as if I am more responsive, less reactive and much more effective in communicating.  A quiet hush falls over me when I listen, and more often, there is no rush to speak.The depth of my presence in my moment to moment living has increased dramatically and I feel lighter, more joyful, confident and focused.   

MS  Austin, TX



"Through the Eyes of a Seer audio course provides a no-nonsense view of power and change that is exciting and creative…I now have the tools I need to continue designing my life as a work of art that both inspires me and contributes to others." 

JS, Educator, OR



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“I wanted to send a note to say how much I am enjoying and valuing your Advanced Weekend Sessions on aggression. Your definition is wonderful and opens up so much. How you are framing it is very helpful in an immediate way to me. I wanted to let you know how moving I find your work. I can feel my own perception of energy (of the world) shift and open as I listen. I am grateful for the way you are expressing your experience.

JM Psychotherapist, WA



"I am still basking in the glow and energy of the Sentè weekend retreat. I am both deeply grateful to you for presenting the material on land mines, and in awe of the depth and breadth of how you covered it. I personally hope that you continue on with the topic at the next retreat. Something really shifted in me this weekend, and I felt captured by Sentè as a path. I felt different going in, and was blessed and changed by it coming out."

BB, Administrator, CA



"I did not want to let the moment pass without expressing to you how amazing was your event. My sister was visiting for only the weekend and so we were unable to stay longer to say so in person but…the experience of witnessing the creativity and collaboration together was life changing. GOOD JOB!! 

KT Therapist, OR



“The weekend event was a glorious gift for me.   It opened many avenues I can explore.  I was able to understand and put words to things I perceive but never understood.  In so many ways, I feel like I have found home.  I have found a place where it is safe to experience and question anything/everything, and a place where I can trust my own perceptions.  I also feel the encouragement and support within the group that I need to actually allow myself to learn to do that. I am so thankful for you and for what you have created.  I may have been holding on to my football for a while, but now I think I can learn to run. With deepest gratitude…

JH Trauma Therapist, OR.



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“I feel SO DIFFERENT. I have never felt more changed in such a concise time period. All day long I was marveling at how…relaxed I feel. I feel so much more comfortable, and I don't have the urgent feeling all the time that I had before. My sense of time seems…shifted. I have an easier time being around people. And things look different, as if the world got replaced by one subtly altered yet with no pin-pointable differences. 

I feel not only changed, but inspired, as I believe that session was a work of art with a hidden structure whose shapes I can vaguely glimpse, and those glimpses are astounding. What you did was just astonishing. I hope future generations hear and study all the sessions you've ever done, that they are preserved and seen for what they are.”

SW  Los Angeles, CA



“I am thrilled at the effects of Paul's energy work: the lightness of my heart, the quiet nature of my attention, my amusement and playfulness are so present!  Simultaneously, I have a sense of ballast, containment and freedom--a place to work, play and make each moment rich with choices. I was ripe for this... How fortunate I am to have encountered Sente in this life!  Forever grateful to you and Paul....”   

MS  Dallas, TX



“I am noticing deep changes from the series with Paul.  I am moving into my power in small and huge ways.  I am taking action and speaking my mind in ways I wouldn't have dared before.  It is extremely liberating.  I am in deep gratitude of the changes I am experiencing.”  

AL Dallas, TX



“I feel FANTASTIC!  Just wanted you to know! I've been getting new clients, lost weight, I can feel that the way I am processing all of life is more finely tuned and I easily make choices that serve me...  Ready for more!  The urge to move my body and play is irresistible...  Yay! Life is a brand new ballgame after the energy series w Paul...”

MS  Texas



“Regarding my recent energy work session: it was again stunning to listen to and feel the impact on the entire family!  Really life changing and so powerful to feel everyone around me in the wave of change. I have no words of gratitude that catch the depth! “ 

MW  Nurse, Medford, OR 



“I have been profoundly affected by our last interaction. Your 'body work' is hard to believe, I have marveled and questioned what happened everyday. My discernment/comprehension or perhaps modeling abilities are different.  More focused, emotionally tighter, centered.  It was instantaneous; meaning there was no change over time, zero decay. I keep thinking that I will understand this better; I'm not so sure that is the case.” 

CL  IT Specialist, Austin, TX



“I am noticing deep changes from the series with Paul. I am more consciously aware of the energetic realm.  I think I always FELT the energetic realm before.  However, now I am clearly seeing it too, which helps me frame it.  For example, I previously had a pattern of taking on other people's sad feelings.  I honestly didn't even realize I was doing it.  After the series, I am able to clearly feel and see when someone shifts into a sad or "less than" energy pattern from something that happened in a group situation.  I can feel myself wanting to take care of them energetically.  And I remind myself that it is their business, not mine.  


I feel relieved to finally clearly see what I'd been feeling all those years. At the same time, it is a new and scary pattern not to take care of other people's feelings. I know this is the rebalancing or transition from my old patterns to new patterns. I am in deep gratitude of the changes I am experiencing.  I also thank you and Paul, from my heart, for helping me to stand in this expansive, wide open space to "see" from.” 

AL  Texas



“I listened to our 3rd session last night, at the end you invited me to email you and let you know how things integrated. I have felt profound changes in my state of being. Over all I feel much more calm. I'm more aware of the times when I leave my center and I'm getting better at returning (Infinite Moment has been a big part of this as well). I've been having moments of intense sensual experiences with my skin. This has occurred with random objects in my environment and has been most interesting.”  

RB University Student  Ashland,OR


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