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"Pick a direction and go." 

Paul Richards 

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Senté individual sessions are powerful opportunities for you to gain clarity and new direction. Clients describe sessions as transformative experiences, and the phrase “life- changing” arises again and again in client feedback. The purpose of a session varies according to your needs, interests, and circumstances. Sessions can address specific problems, such as relationships, professional decisions, or psychological issues. They can also explore your own capacity for expanded perception. Individual session offers a freshness of viewpoint,  new insights, and an astonishing degree of  change.










 In a private practice and personal pursuit that spans

thirty years, Patty and Paul have between them performed 

an estimated 27,000 individual sessions.


Sente individual sessions are by telephone and Skype. Three different types of individual sessions are offered:  


1. General Observation and Reporting.  Paul and Patty's remarkable skill in perception and articulation provide you with a highly detailed, useful map  of yourself and your life direction. Your session is recorded and a link sent to you so you can re-listen to it at any time.


2. Coaching Relating to the Creation of Individual Skills and Practices.  The coaching format was developed so that Paul or Patty can pay significant individual attention to people interested in applying Sente principles to their unique challenges and opportunities, and develop significant new powers and skills.  The advent of video internet connection has also allowed highly specialized instruction in physical skills, such as Karate and other forms of movement. Coaching sessions can cover a wide range of subjects, such as developing concrete skills in relationship, perception, voice, planning, and excellence in musical performance.


3. Sente Energy Work.  Paul energy work sessions are the crown jewels of the private practice.  The Sente system was developed to optimize the energy, attention, and intent elements in the lives of students and clients.  It is a three-session process designed to foster basic energetic health and personal empowerment.  Sente Energy Work yields remarkable, measurable changes in the lives of recipients, reducing reactivity, anxiety, and repetitive nonproductive life patterns.  A Sente Energy Work series leaves you centered, grounded, and confident--ready for adventure, the exploration of healthy relationships, and aligned for success in meeting life challenges.  It is ideal for participants in Sente classes as a way to clear out past patterns, and support more genuine personal motion.  Prerequisites: A prior individual session and clearance from Paul.

"I felt seen in so many ways. I recognized myself in your descriptions and depictions, and your words met an urgent and profound need to comprehend and clarify where I stand now. I am deeply moved when I re-listen to our conversation.  I feel honored to have met you." 

ND, Physician, MD

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