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The world of Wild Attraction is accessible at Sente through Paul and Patty's Wild Attraction book, individual sessions, and by participation in one or more of three monthly internet video broadcasts:




Wild Attraction is a true story...

Men and women are conditioned to think that they have to bounce back and forth between unsafe but exciting partners, and safe but relatively boring ones.  The only choice that will bring you extraordinary relationship is a little understood third option, "Intelligent Wild". This is relentless gender passion combined with compassionate functionality.

Energetically Empowered Singles and Stunningly Connected Couples...

Passion, Play, 

Growth and Intimacy

Helping You Create,

and Really Live,

a Great Love Story

A Fabulous Audio Intro to Wild Attraction - Paul Richards
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Great love stories are not told in words, they are told in energy signals that flash between lovers with the grace of Shakespeare and the speed of light. Keeping the "wild" in attraction requires fluency in what is certainly a far more intricate relationship language than most of us are ever taught. But we can learn.

Written for singles and couples, Wild Attraction is woven around 59 concise "Energetic Facts of LIfe", each an overtuning of a commonly held, but unworkable, notion about the dynamics of male-female connection.  Every "fact" provides a specific extraordinary relationship practice.  These, together, can transform any relationship process from a hodgepodge of unquestioned habits into an elegant gender dance that can bring about the most profound personal transformation.

The most life-changing conversations flash, in energy, between ourselves and others...

...with the speed and detail of a computer download.  You do this as constantly and easily as you breathe, often against your own best interests.

"Women are the ultimate surfers.  They want to ride a powerful force.  They can't surf on placid lakes.  Be an ocean, with wild in it. Make it safe for women to surf, without taking the wild out."


Patty Richards, when asked to offer advice for men. 

"This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet."



"Walk away from any man who doesn't see your greatness and isn't willing to tell you about it."


Paul Richards, when asked to offer advice for women. 

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