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"The mystery is always trying to give you something."


Patty Richards

Patty Richards


Patty Richards is a talented lecturer, educator, and author in the field of Relationship and applied Perception.  She is co-author of the popular book, Wild Attraction, A Ruthlessly Practical Guide to Extraordinary Relationship,  


Dedicated to making extraordinary relationship the norm, she offers individuals and couples a vital missing piece in their quest for successful Love- a useful understanding of the human energy field and its essential role in the non-verbal communication and signaling that can either create healthy attraction, and deep, lively passion, or disappointing entanglements.


Recognizing that the most important conversations of our life are not taking place in words, she re-trains attention, offers immediately usable tools, and skillfully makes the invisible visible.


With a background in medicine and rigorously trained in perception, for more than twenty years Patty has been teaching both lay people and professionals who may not see subtle energy, to effectively work with and benefit by it. She insists on hands on engagement—exercises that move attention and awareness, and develop practical life skills and parallel perception. 


In 1992, Patty co-founded The Sente Center, Inc., an innovative training center in the USA and New Zealand, together with her husband, Paul Richards, a former aerospace engineer. Their groundbreaking body of work documents the human energy field and its role in health, empowerment, and extraordinary relationship. It is the most insightful and practical exploration of this topic available today.


Prior to co-founding the Senté Center, Patty was a successful Nurse Midwife Nurse Practitioner with degrees from Southern Oregon University, and the University of Arizona. She assisted women, couples, and families in settings ranging from high-risk medical centers to the Navaho reservation.  

Today, she combines the grounded incisiveness of her medical training with the fluidity of advanced perception training. Her approach presumes that neither life, nor love, nor humans are ordinary. She delights in growing the extraordinary capacity latent in people. 


Patty’s rich experience in medicine, as well as her avid interest in relationship dynamics and sexuality, brings a warmth and dynamism to her work. She is known for her fun loving and spicy approach to change. Her individual sessions and classes are remarkable opportunities to bring new eyes to old habits. 


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