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Cinema Sente 


 Welcome to the Cinema Sente Sampler.  If a

picture is worth a thousand words, a

movie is worth a million. 






Cinema is a language we all speak, and it allows us to talk powerfully about more than ordinary life.  We are not only creatures of mind, body and spirit, but also of fields of energy, attention and intent. 


Movie clips can be wonderful tools for quickly expressing ideas about these important fields and for portraying healthy human energetics. 


It is also true that movies frequently offer examples of extraordinarily unhealthy human energetics.  This is particularly true in the realm of gender relationship.  We can learn as much from bad examples as from good ones.  


In watching a couple of minutes of video, and with a little bit of commentary, you can instantly perceive things that have been there all along, but which weren't consciously obvious.  And once you see them, you can emulate, and make amazingly useful choices in new areas. 


Cinema Sente uses scenes as language and makes fascinating, unique statements, every month.


It aims to help you become aware and inspired, and have a wonderful time in the process.


Paul Richards

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