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Twenty-two Years of Sente

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Cinema Sente

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"Sente...because the most important communication in life is not happening in words."


The Amazing Energetics of Feature Films

The World's Only Energy-Oriented Monthly Movie Review

This intriguing monthly movie scene analysis by Paul gives you a new, entertaining and illuminating understanding of why great movie moments are great, and why others go so incredibly wrong.


The Good, the Bad, and the Energetically Lovely is a short monthly email movie review series that lets you test your skills at seeing the non-obvious. Add surprise and nuance to your love life, your friendships, your hobbies and professional skills, all through the medium of your best loved movies.


Join now.  It's fun. It's free.

The most extraordinary movie reviews on earth

See a new five-minute clip with energetic commentary every month.


Watch your favorite movies through the 4D glasses that reveal nonordinary energy and intent

Cinema Sente

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