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“The Energetics of Life and Love is hands down one of the most enjoyable and engaging online gatherings I’ve ever experienced.”

~ Siona van Dijk, former Director, Gaia Community

Energetics of Life and Love, Level One






Subscribe now for this groundbreaking series, and experience the remarkable SenteTV video/teleconferenced system, with "all-month-long" continuous reruns, exciting digital downloads, newsletters, and more! Once you subscribe to the paid program, all these features are available in an easy, intuitive Member Dashboard that lets you watch SenteTV whenever you want, wherever you want, and as often as you like.


  • A lively, interactive monthly subscription class via SenteTV and telephone or video Skype with Patty Richards.

  • Come in person (Ashland, Oregon) or watch live online from any location--your choice.

  • Missed classes are viewable for the entire month in your personal SenteTV rerun folder!


This ongoing 24 month training course (which you can join as a new member at any time) offers the serious student personal training in some of the most popular material once offered in the Sente school. Patty’s fascinating discussions and creative energetic demonstrations via SenteTV bring the principles and practices of healthy perception and extraordinary relationship into your every day experience. Classes emphasize reality testing, safety, ethics and psychological functionality while offering a tour of mindsets and techniques leading to expanded perception in life and love.


Each 3-hour monthly class includes a one hour online VIDEO broadcast followed by a live phone/video Q & A with Patty.  

Classes include supplemental audio and print materials. Missed classes are viewable for the entire month in your personal SenteTV rerun folder. After taking this course you will have:


  • An active, fluid sense of Energy, and the skills needed to confidently claim and maintain your energy field.

  • The capacity to center yourself, and to recognize and opt out of entanglements with others.

  • The skill to successfully communicate through both the physical and Energetic bodies in everyday situations.

  • The necessary practice in vital Wild Attraction relationship skills that allow you to signal and attract healthy partners and keep passion and charge alive in long-term relationships.

  • A new understanding of your attention, intent, and choices.


Time: 10:00 am-1:00 pm USA pacific


Class Dates 2017: The third Saturday of the month, with occasional variation (see below.)

 Jan 22 **(Sunday 3-6pm,pacific) ▪ Feb 11 ▪ Mar 18 ▪ Apr 22 ▪ May 20 ▪ June 17▪ July 22 ▪ Aug 19 ▪ Sept 23 ▪ Oct 21 ▪ Nov 18 ▪ Dec 16


***Need to miss a class? Class is viewable all month long in your personal online folder.


**Energetics of Life and Love is the recommended first class for anyone new to Sente study. It provides concepts, language and concrete experience in perceiving and moving energetically that will be invaluable when taking other SenteTV classes.


Price: $55 (USD) monthly subscription (auto-charges are taken on the 7th of every month)- you can dis-enroll at any time.


Recommended reading: Wild Attraction, A Ruthlessly Practical Guide to Extraordinary Relationship, available in our online store.


$55/monthly charge

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