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Through the Eyes of a Seer

Re-awakening Personal Power in a World of Lost Vision


A Three Part Audio Course Total Time: 12 hours, 1 Minute

MP3 files and a 72 page Course Guidebook.



After taking this course, you will have a powerful framework for understanding energy, an understanding that is a working model, not a belief. You will possess an active, fluid, and accurate sense of energy, and will have the skills needed to exhibit these seven characteristics:


1. You know how to claim, own, occupy, and maintain your energy field, and can do this with the same confidence with which you take care of your physical body. You can do this walking nervously into a court of law or into the middle of a tense negotiation with an angry neighbor. You can also do it with grace and style in the presence of those you most love.


2. You are awake to the basic needs of the Energy Body. You know how to gather Energy, to remove negative content, and to opt out of entanglements with other people. You also are skilled in communicating through both the physical and Energetic bodies, and at sending nourishing messages to others simultaneously in Energy and words.


3. You understand basic techniques that help you to be energetically present in a moment, to be changed by that moment, and to change the moment because you are there in it. You possess specific techniques of voice and disclosure, walking and action, planning, choice, and attention that help you contribute more to your world.


4. You know how to center yourself and how to Energetically Stay Home when you are under pressure. You can act to prevent the crucial elements that comprise your Energetic center from leaving your physical center. You can cope with modern sensory overload, giving you the ability to see the touchstone of a problem or an opportunity. You can focus on a center and ignore extraneous but demanding details, if necessary, and thus direct Energy and attention in ways that bring changes to whole systems.


5. You have a good working knowledge of the Simple Rules of Intent, which is the force for real change in the universe. You also have a list of Intent questions to ask yourself internally. They allow you to supercharge your actions and tap into extraordinary support for your life.


6. Lastly, you know how to keep your feet firmly on planet Earth; you are someone who is Energetically literate and not lost in a world of fantasy about the non-ordinary.





Lecture/Lab One:
Profound Motion An Introduction and Overview of Seeing and Energetic Empowerment


  • What is the single most important thing a Seer might wish to say to you at the beginning of this inquiry?

  • How does Energy affect you in your life, and what can you do maximize the positive possibilities?

  • What is the single element most lacking in human behavior, in terms of Personal Energetic Empowerment?

  • How do you reply to the hidden message of the moment?

  • How do you learn to act with profound motion?

  • Why is this lecture subtitled: One Motion, Three Bodies Three Realms?

  • How do you become an even more extraordinary person?

  • What do you look like in the realm of Energy?

  • How do you establish for yourself that you have an Energy Body?

  • Why does rudeness make good Seers of us all?

  • What is the problem of our times and how is Energetic Empowerment relevant?

  • What is the real nature of power?

  • Safety and Character

  • Why isn’t everyone a Seer?


Exercise #1:Getting in Touch with your Energy Body
  • New York Subway- A Baseline for Getting Along in Crowded Places

  • The Glass Partition- Separating Yourself in from Others in Healthy Ways

  • The Hands in the Chair- Handling Intrusions into Your Field

  • The Friends on a Sofa- Healthy Blending of Energy with Others


Exercise #2 : Staying Centered and Energetically Healthy while in Motion
Exercise #3: Staying Centered and Energetically Empowered under Duress
  • How to Stay Centered in Conversation with Others

  • Ways in Which Centering is Lost in Daily Life

  • Saying No as Easily as you can say Yes

  • The Power of Questions to Move Your Center

  • Working with Centering in Difficult Circumstances

  • The Importance of Alliances and Not Being Alone, and the Role of Grounding and the Earth in Centering and Empowerment



Lecture/Lab Two:
Relaxation as the Key to Energetic Empowerment
  • Three Stances for Exchanging Energy

  • Expressing Love and Giving or Taking Energy

  • The Five Energy Messages needed for psychological health (a recording of a live class from New Zealand)

  • Crossing the Realms: trying to solve physical or psychological problems in the realm of Energy (how to avoid this)

  • Principles of Energetic Sparring (shielding, deflecting, circularity)

  • Reading the Hidden Message of the Moment

  • What is Energetic Health?

  • How do we gather Energy?

  • The 3 Needs of the Energy Body

  • What is Intent?

  • Behind the Scenes- The Boy and the Elephant: How attention and Intent really work

  • How do you see negatives and still stay relaxed?

  • Avoiding dangerous empathy: Perceiving with the Energy Field Edge instead of internalizing the thoughts and feelings of others

  • Getting rid of Content: Energetic records of experience and emotion

  • Pink Elephants and Reality Tests; How to stay realistic and grounded while learning to perceive Energy

  • Infinite Moment- the Physical Practice of Sente

  • Learning to understand the four Energetic Senses: Linear Connection, Awareness Mote, Radiance, and Empathy

  • Hard/Soft Hits: Putting it all Together as you learn to See

  • The Telephone Exercise, avoiding unwanted Energetic entanglements and attacks

  • Separation and Allness: Using Energy to Wrongly Mimic Spiritual Insight

  • The Secret of Real Change

  • Putting Aside Self Interest-how to identify and work with Agents of Change

  • What is healthy interdependence and joining? Why is it important?

  • Fundamentalism: Dealing with Unshared Vision and Visionaries in the World

  • A Helicopter Tour of Isolation, Foibles, and the One Process that is Always Going On

  • Short Exercise Featurette: Anchoring and Grounding

  • Two Paths to Empowerment

  • Starting from Isolation or unhealthy Over-Connection

  • Learning to Move from Relaxation instead of Tension

  • Overlapping, Merging, Telepathy

  • Broadening the Definition of Telepathy

  • The Ethics of Energetic Empowerment

  • The Three Seers’ Conference Call: An Original Piece of Work



Lab/Lecture Three:

Centering as the Fundamental Empowerment Tool
Exercise #4: Rapidly Picking the Center in a Complex Scenario
Exercise #5: The Empowerment Walks
  • Lecture Three; Michelangelo, The Power of Attention, “Too Much-ness”, and Center

  • The Reshaping of Your Attention is the Point

  • Learning to See Attention as Finite and Valuable

  • The Gift of Attention and Passing it on

  • Attention Traps: Seeing Beyond Story and Shape to Essence

  • Spiritual Discernment, Centering, and Beauty

  • Seeing the Whole Night Sky- Perceiving Space, not just Objects within it

  • Draining Shock

  • Energetic Center: Finding the Heart of the Moment

  • Beauty, Frumpiness, and Basking

  • The Geography of the Course and the Denial of Beauty



"Promise on the scale of your entire life."


Paul Richards 

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