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The Origin of Wild Attraction


"This is no ordinary book. It exists as a result of powerful nonordinary events. Wild Attraction points back, over and over, to a special time and place at which Paul and I stumbled into what could be among the most profound voyages of love that any human has ever experienced.Wild Attraction is therefore a deeply personal story, one that has always been difficult to disclose. I feel that it has to be told, no matter how inconvenient it may be for some—or how unbelievable."

- Patty Richard, Co-Author

Practical Gateways to Extraordinary Experience

Paul Richards: "As I was growing up, I had a lot of non-ordinary perceptual experiences. And, when I say a lot, hundreds and hundreds of them.  And I was very scientifically based.  So I was always looking for the science or the academic understanding of it.  And eventually in my twenties, I went to UCLA and got involved in a program that was studying alternative perception.  It was fledgling.  That was the Seventies.  And I went through several years of working with academics who were quite brilliant.  And got myself stabilized.  And then went on into my aerospace career.  And at some point while I was by day wearing a three piece suit, and jetting around the country, someone said, 'you ought to talk to this person.'  And gave me a phone number and I called her up. And she was a psychotherapist.  So I called her.  She said come to my office. So, I got to her office, and she talked to me for ten minutes.  And then said, greatly to my surprise.  'I am in a oral tradition of very highly educated people going back many generations who have developed a way to pursue at the highest possible level non-ordinary experiences of the universe and have very high functioning private lives.'  And this tradition was always passed from one person to another.  It was very private. It had no social agenda.  And from that moment, she then began to demonstrate her capacity for non-ordinary perception in a variety of feats.  And there really was never a question in my mind that I belonged there and that was the beginning of eleven years of  intense training multiple days a week.  In the midst of this very busy aerospace career.  So I was not at all a likely person to write a book about energy and relationship, from some points of view.  But from another perspective, I was lucky enough to become attached to, not a known tradition, but a very deep and beautiful one that allowed me to see as much as I can and yet have very fulfilling kind of individual experience of life.  Patty, do you want to comment on that.

Patricia Richards: "That’s a nice introduction Paul.  And I would say about 18 years ago Paul moved to our town and I came in for an individual session.  A friend of mind who was studying therapeutic touch said, 'Oh there’s this wonderful man, you might go see him.'  So, in that session he very casually said, 'Well I could train you to do what I do because you have the same capacity.'  So, I asked him, you know, 'Why would I want to do this?  Don’t you have to be very perfect and nonjudgmental and completely enlightened.'  And he started to laugh and said, 'You’re already doing it.  That’s what humans do.  They are already paying attention to energy whether you know it or not.  So you may as well know what you’re doing.'  And that made sense to me.  So our relationship really started with mutual interest in attention and consciousness.  And also science. And from that we have such a great relationship and such a deep communication.  We found we really have enjoyed sharing it.  And in the early years when we would teach just energetic empowerment or different things, people were always saying, we just like to watch the two of you together.  And we got that all the time.  So we started mapping it. And out of that Wild Attraction was born."

As told in an interview with Francesca Gentille on the radio show, Sex, Karma, and Kama Sutra

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