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The Three States of the Energy Body, Audio, Downloadable

The Three States of the Energy Body, Audio, Downloadable

This forty-minute audio presentation includes a trio of practical yet profound exercises designed to teach you how to shift the energy field associated with your physical body for optimal health and relaxation.


In this advanced training, Paul Richards offers three exercise sequences that help you make constructive choices about your energy field, choices that can have significant impacts on your personal presence and state of being.


The three energy field choices you will learn are: Linear, Cylindrical, and Gold Shift. Each exercise sequence teaches a different way to expel "content" (burdensome records of past experience) from your system.


A daily practice of doing the Three States of the Energy Body MP3 helps you have an organized and clear energy field--free of unneeded energetic attachments to other people, and with optimal flows of energy throughout.


This exercise presentation supports the material in Sente classes, books, and other Sente audio products. It is an excellent choice for students already attending Sente classes.


It is ideal for massage therapists, acupuncturists, or energy work practitioners who want to develop more perceptual awareness and maximize the organization of their own energy field.

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