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Audio and Video Products


Sente's beautifully produced audio products offer rich and re-listenable tools to enliven your presence, your power, and your relationship. "Through the Eyes of a Seer" is a profound, multilayered key to the entire world of Sente.  All of these are available in downloadable form.

Through the Eyes of a Seer
Re-awakening Personal Power in a World of Lost Vision



A Three Part Audio Course

Total Time: 12 hours 1 Minute

MP3 files and a 72 page Course Guidebook


$96 for entire audio downloadable course plus guidebook.

The Three States of the Energy Body



and Patty


The Three States of the Energy Body


Paul Richards offers three new exercise sequences designed to help you make constructive choices about your energy field, choices that can have significant impacts on your presence and state of being. There are three energy field approaches modeled in these recordings: Linear, Cylindrical, and Gold Shift. These choices support the material in Sente classes, books, and other Sente audio products. 



$12.95 Downloadable MP3 version

An Introduction to Wild Attraction

Understanding the Hidden Energetic Attraction Forces

that Powerfully Shape Your Love Life


In this compelling 94 minute audio interview, you will be introduced to the Sente view that humans inhabit a second body composed entirely of Energy, and that gender and intimacy is determined as much by elements of Energy as it is by physical genetics. A transformational path to deep intimacy, Wild Atraction puts new choices into old love lives. 

$17.50 Downloadable MP3  version

An Introduction to





Paul and

Patty Richards

The Basic Exercises

for Energetic Empowerment


Included here is the first basic exercise tape ever recorded for the Sente School, by Paul Richards in 1994.  It also offers four new exercise sequences: Gathering Energy, Anchoring/Connecting to the Earth, Staying Home, and Sending Messages. These unique exercises show you how to expel energetic contaminants that can undermine your physical and mental health, and how to eliminate unneeded energetic attachments to other people. 

$12.95 Downloadable MP3 version

"Be ruthless about making people love you and themselves."


Patty Richards

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