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Individual Sessions

"Pick a direction and go." 

Paul Richards 

​Standard, 60 min - $240
Extended, 90 min - $330​
Standard, 90 min - $130
Extended, 120 min - $210

Senté individual sessions are powerful opportunities for gaining clarity and new direction. Clients often describe sessions as transformative experiences, and the phrase “life- changing” arises again and again in client feedback. The purpose of a session varies according to the needs, interests, and circumstances of the recipient. Sessions can address specific problems, such as relationships, professional decisions, or psychological issues. They can also explore the recipient’s own capacity for expanded perception. Quite often, an individual session offers a freshness of viewpoint that provides new insights and astonishing degrees of new confidence and change.













 In a private practice and personal pursuit that spans

thirty years, Patty and Paul have between them performed 

an estimated 21,000 individual sessions.


Sente individual sessions are offered in three broad flavors:  


1. Observation and Reporting.  This is a remarkable, unprecedented art form, the weaving of a world class perceptual gift with a articulative capacity that many find surprising, transporting and delightful.  Paul and Patty's word-portraiture provides recipients with views of themselves and their lives that are simultaneously hauntingly familiar and stunningly new. For many clients, each event is life changing, and their session recordings grow in value as the years pass, offering unexpected insights and profound shifts of perspective with each repeat listening.


2. Coaching Relating to the Creation of Individual Practices.  The coaching format was developed so that Paul or Patty can pay significant individual attention to people interested in applying Sente principles to their unique challenges and opportunities, and develop significant new powers and skills.  The advent of video internet connections has also allowed highly specialized instruction in physical skills, such as Karate and other forms of movement. Coaching sessions can cover a wide range of subjects, such as excellence in musical performance, relationship and perception, voice, and planning. 


3. Sente Energy Work.  Paul and Patty's energy work sessions are the crown jewels of the private practice.  They apply a system, developed for Paul's own use during and after his early training years, for the purpose of optimizing the energy, attention, and intent elements in the lives of recipients.  It is a process designed to foster basic energetic health, something that is normally neglected but which is as foundational as diet and exercise.  The process is cleansing, relaxing, healing, and extremely empowering, yielding measurable concrete changes in the lives of recipients, reducing reactivity, and opening doors for adventure, creativity, basking, and success in meeting new life challenges.

"I felt seen in so many ways. I recognized myself in your descriptions and depictions, and your words met an urgent and profound need to comprehend and clarify where I stand now. I am deeply moved when I re-listen to our conversation.  I feel honored to have met you." 

ND, Physician, MD

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