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See for yourself why people LOVE the Sente experience.






People who enjoy Sente tend to be daring, thoughtful, effective, and always searching for new and fascinating ways to enjoy life, to thrive, and to give back, all while welcoming unique, surprising extraordinary experiences. Delving into Sente is intended to be an adventure, and it is designed to reward curiosity and openness to the unknown.  If you are new to Sente and interested in exploring a little, you can choose ANY ONE OR ALL from among a variety of easy, fascinating entry points:
































Anchor 10
in Five Minutes

Twenty-two Years of Sente

"I will embrace this path fully and never forget my priviledge and the fact that I walk this path for many others."


Paul Richards

"It was, is and always will be about propagating a signal."


Paul Richards

Paul and Patricia Richards are educated professionals who enjoyed successful careers in aerospace, martial arts, and medicine prior to forming the Senté Center. Their work is among the most groundbreaking, powerful, practical approaches to energy, attention, and extraordinary relationship available anywhere.


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